Asta Caplan

In einem neuen Gewand II - In a New Robe II

My art wanders and works between drawing, painting and photography and explores the spaces within these diverse disciplines. Working with multiple media – involving oil paintings, watercolors and clay – I attempt to get to the bottom of the human need for beauty: Subjective moments leading to intimacy and intuition.

Inspired by European and Asian painters, I’m driven by an almost aching sense of revealing an aspect I haven’t found yet in other paintings. Thus, in my artworks, I’m trying to capture the overwhelming beauty I perceive, motivated by the curiosity and compelling urge of making it accessible to the viewer. The impetus for my mental and conceptual process is almost always light, light in its many shades and facets and my impression of it.

Asta Caplan
In einem neuen Gewand II - In a New Robe II
approx. 20 x 20 cm (convert to inch)
painting – Aquarel, gouache and pencil on paper
UNIQUE (What is this?)
OR SIGNED AND LIMITED EDITION - or by special order
Picture size 20 cm x 20 cm
260, - € excl. tax
approx. € 991,60excl. tax

€ 1.180,00* inc. tax


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