Robert Knoke

Nicola Formichetti

For sure, the German graphic artist Robert Knoke is no classical portrait painter. With wild strokes, big shapes and at the next moment very fragile lines he approaches his models and captures their innermost being on a white sheet of paper. Knoke makes no point of details and meticulous precision as classical portraits do. He prefers to show what he perceives himself in the person that he is drawing - including the parts that exist within himself. The Hannover-born graphic artist works in New York and is specialized in portraits of other artists. Musicians like Beth Ditto or John Stipe, fashion designers like Nicola Formichetti and painters like Gilbert & George are some of the depicted artists that Knoke eternalizes in his special way.

Robert Knoke
Nicola Formichetti
approx. 36 x 43 cm (convert to inch)
drawing – Ball pen, grease pencil, ink marker, gloss paint and glitter on paper
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