Robert Knoke

Michael Stipe

Gilbert & George, Michael Stipe, Beth Ditto … Robert Knoke draws portraits. This might not sound very exciting, but the New York-based artist developed a unique and distinctive way to deal with them. Robert Knoke approaches drawing with expressive gestures; wild lines, coloured patches and even fingerprints are evidence of his style. This is certainly pointing away from the detailed perfection of the traditional portrait; it rather leads to a different understanding of it. It is as if the drawing would make it possible to look beneath its surface, into the depicted person. What you see though is of course not the inner workings of Michael Stipe, but rather the Michael Stipe in Robert Knoke.

Robert Knoke
Michael Stipe
approx. 100 x 70 cm (convert to inch)
drawing – Ball pen, grease pencil, ink marker, gloss paint and glitter on paper
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