William Anastasi

I have a tiny Penis

William Anastasi, born in 1933, is recognized as a conceptual artist of the first hour. He creates complex, multimedia works, that engage in a critical questioning of the object, space and medium. He further reduces art to its essential elements, while at the same time instilling it with a sometimes ironic, sometimes witty physical and conceptual dynamics. The work, "I have a tiny penis" unites these very elements. A metal plate, understood as a ready-made object and symbol of Industrialism and minimalism, is typical for Anastasi. The minute, printed inscription embodies the inherent humor of the artist, and can either engage the viewer in a critical contemplation or function as a mere object of foolery. For a few years, Anastasi's important oeuvre is being reevaluated by experts and becoming more and more popular with collectors.

William Anastasi
I have a tiny Penis
approx. 23 x 30.5 cm (convert to inch)
object – Print on metal plate
16 (What is this?)
Some scratches and signs of age on frame and front- these are part of the piece!
Safety foil on reverse intact
€ 2.000,00*
inc. tax

approx. € 1.680,67 excl. tax


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