Christian Gieraths

NW 2nd St, Miami, Fl, 20

The, in the years 2006-16 in the United States, the Midwest and along the Pacific and Atlantic coast resulting photo series are grouped under the title "Pastime Paradise". The Californian sun, the desert light of Las Vegas or the soft light of the New England shine like headlights. Like most of Christian Gierthas works, streets and squares are empty, doors closed, simply deserted.
The series is focused on the atmospheric structures, the colors and the dazzling light, the lines of the architecture, and the ratio of surface and detail. The reality will appears as in film sets.
The photographs could be a vacuum, on the other hand, they resemble silence, a pause, refer to a certain happiness of a "still asked moment"
(K.-H. Hucke), which the photographies are able to portray
The aesthetic approach of this group honors the colors (e.g. the color pink, which appears in the awnings and the curb at the same time) and areas, the interplay of facades and streets, portrays repeatedly light (in contrast to shadow) and presents most notably: beauty

Christian Gieraths
NW 2nd St, Miami, Fl, 20
approx. 80 x 96 cm (convert to inch)
photography – Photography
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