Rainer Viertlböck Biography

Even locals have to look twice when Viertleböck photographs the city of Munich
Rainer Viertlböck (1958), born in Munich wanted exactly this- he has changed the location from where he takes his Photos: by the helicopter, climbed stairs and towers lifting his equipment or he used a remote-controlled drone. He opened up views from new and unusual perspectives. The familiar appears in a different light, he discovers it floating In par with the Bavaria or the snowy Quadriga on Victory Gate, or high above the Olympic Centre, or above Neuperlach or Karolinenplatz.
Who knows that the roof of the Ludwig church has a distinctive pattern of colorful glazed tiles and the Friedensengel mounts a veritable nosedive in the axis Prinzregentenstraße ...

Rainer Viertlböck, award-winning photographer, came after several years of international work back to his town and saw Munich with new eyes.

Since 2009 he is working on his unusual Munich-series, which also includes aerial photographs of entire city districts, streets and individual buildings each, even the most recent period in addition to the symbol of Munich.

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