Momass (Thomas Eichholz)

Picture worlds of a modern samurai

The black of the monochrome color, which can only be recognized as a black blush by a second glance, appears to be dancing, expands. Almost playful - as by chance - meet opposites of square and round, up and down, tame and easy on each other.
From the tension generated by the rotating and sometimes by the precision of the continuous stroke, a strong resonance space is created, so that the echo of the lines itself seems to resonate.
Moments of the blurred are thus concentrated.
Like an enso, the symbol of Japanese calligraphy, showing the state of mind at the moment of creation.
Momass takes the liberty not to let his art arise by chance.
Momass's art is free from compulsion and free enough to counter.

Freedom and individuality are a common thread in the artistic self-understanding of Momass, aka Thomas Eichholz, who was born in Weimar / Thuringia in 1963 and grew up in Stralsund / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Text: Christina A. Anders


Momass (Thomas Eichholz)
Nächtliche Meditation