Marc Rembold - Biography

Colours are integral to Marc Rembold's (*1963) art. He has been dealing with colour and light in relation to space for almost 30 years. For his series “Liquids” Rembold was inspired by the colours of electromagnetic waves. The outcome are psychedelic gradients in bold and lively colors. The Swiss artist also proved his interest in technical processes and applications in other areas of his creative work; in the 1980s he developed his own colour concept “Light in Colour” where the colours change according to the changing temperature. The gadget was a little sensation and was later employed in the automobile-, fashion-, and cosmetic industry. Rembold also developed special ideas for the application of paint. With the help of electronics the artist defines colours virtually instead of working directly with pigments. Colours are decomposed, modelled and applied with analogue technique. By treating the surfaces and welding them in perspex the boldly luminous colours are further enhanced.

Marc Rembold creates his art with colour and light

Rembold's oeuvre is very complex and divided into work series: Light in Colour, Pure Pigments, Glamour, Filimini Maximalisme, Liquids, Light Sculptures, Photo. The artist shifts between painting, multimedia installations and objects. The works in his series Glamour, “LuxeLux” and “Lux”, are perfect examples for his style that plays with the kitsch-aesthetic and his love for design and pop culture. The paintings only bear the writings “Lux” and “Luxe” and are covered with fine glittering gold dust; they broach the issue of the phenomenon of luxury, the material world in relation to art. Other objects with a similarly “glittering” make are “Golden Globe” and “Golden Car”.


Rembold was born in Zurich; he found art very early in his life and already exhibited his works at the tender age of seventeen. He decided against studying at the "Académie des Beaux-Arts" in Mulhouse however and continued working auto-didactically. Rembold has been showing his works internationally since the early 2000s. After living in Paris for several years, Rembold lives and works in Basel today.

Marc Rembold - art collections

His work is represented at the Hoffmann-La Roche Collection (Basel) and the Saks Fifth Avenue Stores & Corporate (New York), among others.


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Fluorescent Beauty, 2012

Serie Glamour Lux Luxe, 2009