Lori Hersberger Biography

He was born in 1964 in Basel and now lives in Zürich. Even as a student during the 1990s at the Basel School of Design, Lori Hersberger did not concentrate on any particular genre. He studied video art and sculpture, and his undogmatic choice of various media and materials became the distinctive mark of his work. Video installation, painting, performance and installation combine to form a complementary artistic cosmos. A consistent element is his exploration of currents of Modernist post-war avant-garde. Trends from Hard-Edge, Minimal, Land Art and Pop are echoed in Hersberger's work and transferred into a contemporary context. Since the late 1990s, painting has gained more and more significance in his work, as a purposeful attack on the white primed canvas or the blank mirror surface. He applies bright colours, alternating in painting and spraying techniques and integrating the work into the room. Lately he has created sculptures using steel boxes shaped through the extraction of air by creating a vacuum.

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Splendid Isolation (2000) - AVAILABLE IN OUR SHOP

Lori Hersberger - Splendid Isolation (2000)