Herrmann Rueth - Biographie

Herrmann Rüth , grew up in Bavaria , studied philosophy , commitment to various theaters .

Artistic director ( writer, director , stage designer ) of Schongauer Festival and the Görlitz history games .

Founded the artist group " Damasia " group and solo exhibitions as a painter , among other things, in Strasbourg and Munich .

Three installations on the occasion of the Day of Action via claudia in Bavaria .

Lighting installation " lux sacra " in Görlitz Peter's. 1 Prices of Schongau for the artistic design of a traffic island ( Sculpture " portals " ) and

the facade of a primary school ( Sculpture " sundial " ) .

Ammersee - Lech - price for the artistic design of the forest adventure trail in Denklingen ( Sculpture " contemplation " ) .

Lead a master class at the International Summer School of the Arts / Lecturer at the Institute for

Cultural Infrastructure Saxony in Görlitz .Open studio in Görlitz .





" My painting , oil on canvas , based on the layerarttechnic of the old masters.

What fascinates me about painting the Apollonian imaging the divine creative spark. It is based on a 2,000 year old artistic tradition , the representation of the people in the context of his biography is in the middle in the attitude of the time. This relationship in turn leads to thematic analysis of the content of the sitter . Painting is telling stories with pictures . The people depicted are always engaged in a external or internal conversation , which manifests itself in a touching voltage and the viewer tells matter whether it is the picture of couples or a large-scale apocalyptic representation . " In the Nude Rüth shows in the sublime treatment of the skin and by combining quotations from poems by Michelangelo with the file , its attachment to the Renaissance painting.