Alexander Ruppert

Somewhere 26

The works of Alexander Ruppert rain all too often in the discussion. Almost banal topics like " dream sequences ", " faith" and " everyday " he rolls around completely . He " thought through ", " designed to " and achieved intended to identify new ways of life and to stimulate discussion in the room. Ruppert sets off again in search of the possible motif . Sometimes his socially critical work is an indictment of life , sometimes he does things largely open , sometimes he also withdraws and leaves on his canvas a purely aesthetic color image segmentation , which is still discussed. And so the artist Alexander Ruppert is versatile in his work , shall be no boundaries and thus remains free in his creative process.

Alexander Ruppert
Somewhere 26
approx. 60 x 60 cm (convert to inch)
mixed media – Wood on Canvas
UNIQUE (What is this?)
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