Thomas Stimm

Baumbild (gross)

Thomas Stimm was born in 1948 in Vienna, Austria and lives and works in Ilz and Cologne. His sculptural works are mainly concerned with natural forms. His happy and colorful sculptures show stylized flowers, grasses, oversized berries and trees. His simple and clear design language is elementary, however, remains not only on the surface but is tough, almost stubborn. The chosen objects appear clear and precise, somewhat simple, and yet they possess a great aesthetic depth. One can immediately recognize the subject matter, and get each motif is anything but realistic in size and simplicity. Thereby, Stimm's art gains humor. It recalls the early attempts at painting of a child. The size of this work (Baumbild) as well as its decorative factor is enormous - painted with varnish on canvas, it shines brightly in glossy colors.

Thomas Stimm
Baumbild (gross)
approx. 98.43 x 68.90 in (convert to cm)
painting – Varnish on canvas
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