Joan Miró

L oil de faucon

The eccentric, avant-garde architect Antoni Gaudí (Tarragona, 1852 - Barcelona, 1926) was of huge significance to Modernism at the turn of the century. None of the budding artists of the time passed his liberated world of forms, his houses, churches, parks and sculptures without astonishment. Gaudí's body of works gave inspiration and playful support to an entire generation. It was as if he had sought to create the impossible, the utopian. His architecture can be categorized as Spanish Art Nouveau. It was born of the Catalan Gothic and the Churriguera Style, and grew to a nearly hallucinatory freedom of form, which established itself as the new Catalan style of architecture. Miró's form and color structure could very well have sprung from the constructed organic nature of Gaudí's work. In any case, these prints call forth the spirits of Gaudí's Parc Güell. At the same time, they are an homage to Barcelona's very soul and culture, in which Miró's art, like the pulse of the Sardana dance, flows into a single heartbeat.

Joan Miró
L oil de faucon
approx. 120 x 77.5 cm (convert to inch)
print – Color lithography on Arches
50 (What is this?)
numbered and signed
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