James Rosenquist

Paper Suit

James Rosenquist was born in North Dakota, USA in 1933. In 1956 he met artists such as Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly and Robert Rauschenberg - they inspired each other. Until the 60s Rosenquist earned living by painting and designing advertising posters. He was one of the most important representative of the emerging pop art. In 1966 James Rosenquist was 'The Man in the Paper Suit‘ (NY Times); the artist wore a brown suit from paper by the fashion designer Horst to various exhibitions and gallery openings.
This obviously striking and humorous aspect in the installation at the Pop-Artist himself became Pop-Art or rather: a Pop-Suit.
Rosenquist was referring to the then new availability and the rapid planned loss of property value.

James Rosenquist
Paper Suit
approx. 16.54 in (convert to cm)
mixed media – Coated paper
100 (What is this?)
Paper Suit (jacket and pants) by Boss, including box with scissors
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