Harald F Müller


Harald F. Müller (born 1950 in Karlsruhe / D, lives and works in Oehningen in Stein am Rhein / D) is known for his large-format reproductions, his collages and sculptures word. His collaboration on architectural projects focuses on the collaboration with the architects Gigon / Guyer, Zurich. He has collaborated on projects in the color design of the residential islands Broëlberg I and II in Kilchberg / CH, the interlocking marshalling yard in Zurich, the training workshops in Appisberg / CH and the residential development Goldschlägi in Schlieren / CH. 2004 Harald F. Müller has designed the new building of the hotel's Charterhouse / CH with colors. He is currently working on the Löwenbräu and the Prime Tower in Zurich as well as on architectural projects on the campus of the University of Stuttgart / D (planning new research center for aeronautics and space technology). The work of Harald F. Müller act like a mix of materials - similar to the operation of a DJ's - between photography, painting and sculpture. Harald F. Müller researched extensively in archives and libraries, selected a few significant images and uses them unprocessed. By decontextualization the seemingly self-evident image statements are ambiguous, and so the artist irritates the potential of between from. The selected images are enlarged up to 4 meters on classic Cibachrome paper and mounted on thin aluminum plates. Then he fastened the large images on sculptural retaining structures against the wall, so that they seem to float. The recognizable in near vision grid points of the increase can photography in a work of art with different levels of perception tilt, from the figurative to the abstract. This happens, for example, when Harald F. Müller Sculpture by selecting architectures so that the three-dimensional images transform into two-dimensional (color) surfaces.

Harald F Müller
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