Stefan Szczesny

Art-Bike by Stefan Szczesny, handpainted bicycle orange

During summer 2015, Stefan Szczesny painted on 33 bicycles of the german manufacturer Urbike. He painted on them in his unique and very colourful style. offers the bicycles exclusively.

Stefan Szczesny sees the main purpose of art as to "convey a positive and humane vision of life on earth". Unlike many of his colleagues, who deal more with the melancholy side of existence, Szczesney wants to bring the people in a good mood with his art, as it was the task of art for centuries, as he says. Many see his current work thematically and formally in the tradition of Matisse, Chagall and Picasso.

The bike on which Stefan Szczesny has painted is the "Singlespeed" by Urbike. This model brings the conmpany's philosophy in a nutshell: individuality together with rock-solid engineering and purist design.
The optimal balanced ration of 44 to 17 gearshift ensures an unbeatable pace and an amazing speed. With its rugged steel frame and its sporty comfortable frame geometry, it is the ideal companion in everyday city traffic. In addition, with the modern and gripping racing brake, the bicycle brings you safely to every place you go.

Stefan Szczesny
Art-Bike by Stefan Szczesny, handpainted bicycle orange
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