Lorenzi und germann


" The multimedia installations by Monica Germann and Daniel Lorenzi are no pre-produced works , which can be moved from place to place and reposition in any room . Her work has been reinvented each , they are directly related to the surrounding space and connect it with a variety of ways . Its interventions always depend on the direct local requirements , the wall surfaces , vistas and lighting conditions . They extend these conditions through their drawings and sculptural , multi - media interventions .
The resulting works are interfaces between the art and the music are , strictly speaking, collaborations between artists and Germann Lorenzi and her alter ego , the DJ duo Flexin & Fly Robin .
Monica , Germann and Daniel Lorenzi exceed conventional limits of art . They combine the direct experience of archaic art of drawing with virtual worlds . You create a connection between ink drawings , video installations and electronic music , "writes Axel Lapp .
Also in the publication " on Mouse up" the boundaries dissolve : On the one hand we have here to do with a factory documentation , on the other side with a ( resolved ) artist's book . The image panels - comparable in size and materiality of the Swiss construction paper - indeed form works from , but are simultaneously in design and composition , that is, in the treatment of the individual subjects , himself again separate works.

Lorenzi und germann
approx. 25 x 30 cm (convert to inch)
painting – Aquarell
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