Kevin Kopacka

Fly Ebdus

Kevin Kopacka’s (*1987) paintings and video work deal with the perception of reality through metaphysical elements. Be it abstract or figurative, his work has something unsettling and mysterious quality to it.

For Kopacka, painting goes hand in hand with the process of writing. Initially wanting to study to become a playwright, he started the study of „Fine Arts“ at the University of Arts Berlin in 2007. The narrative element of literature is still an essential part of his artistic work.

The early paintings of Kopacka deal with the momentary situation of his generation – the children of the 68’ generation – that seems to have so many opportunities in life that it ends up losing sight of what it wants the future to look like. These works usually showcase people in the backdrop of the modern, digital age. The portrayed seem to convey a feeling of being lost, which is furthermore emphasized by titles like „Everybody gets a little lost sometimes“ or „Missverständnis“ (Misunderstanding).

Kopackas newer works deal with metaphysical phenomena and our perception of reality. In a bold color scheme the artist paints flowing, almost ghostly forms that appear to move in slow motion. Some of the figurative situations seem to be the scene of a play, where the moment is frozen, yet still part of a bigger story. This leads the viewer to reflect upon the „before“ and „after“ of the scenery. The dimension of time suddenly seems visible in the two-dimensional medium of a painting.

Kopackas more abstract works have an illuminating quality to them. The portrayed forms work under different physical regularities. Things seem to float or light up. Undefinable objects lead to free association, that makes the viewer feel like seeing familiar forms. The images remind of a state of semi-sleep or dream in which space, time and movement seem to change by the second, causing an ambigious feeling of uncertainty.

Kopackas video works achieves a similar effect. A series of works, simply titled „Insomnia“ showcase the view from a window during the moment of dawn. While the light situation would normally change every minute, the illumination in the videos doesn’t seem to change at all. Yet, other slow, subtle changes occur that the viewer doesn’t catch instantly, which subconsciously leaves the impression of „something not being right“.

The artist purposely works with manipulation of this sort, creating a reality of all the things you can’t see, but still manage to experience in a different way.

Fly Ebdus
approx. 60 x 90 cm (convert to inch)
painting – Oil and Acry on canvas
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