Valuable Gold and Diamond object by Andreas Altmann

The Dragon with diamond scales - stunning work of art presented in St. Moritz

The Swiss artist and goldsmith Andreas Altmann presented his great work today in St. Moritz: the stunning dragon sculpture Ahton.

The valuable work of art consists of approximately five kilograms of pure gold and is studded with 7.739 diamonds. Rubies were used for the fiery eyes. The price for this 24 centimetres high piece of art is more than 10 million euros.

Altmann created the dragon, the book and the accompanying shrine together with the team of his exquisite Noble Forge Gisberg between 2007 and 2012.

The dragon Ahton is part of a Scandinavian saga, which is preserved in the artist's family for generations. The mystical creature acts within the saga as a counselor for people and encourages them not to forget of their goals. The story influenced the artist since his childhood, and so he decided to preserve this for future generations. Therefore, the "Saga of Ahton" was written on English goat parchment by hand.

Another four dragons and the corresponding books are planned. The material from which they are made is still open. We look forward to a another surprise that takes us back in mystical times.