Open Art Gallery Weekend 2013

Don't miss! The 25th Gallery Weekend kicks of the art season in Munich

Djawid C. Borower at Binder Gallery (Pictures of Time #130904, 2013) - AVAILABLE IN OUR SHOP

See this art at Open Art and in our shop (from left) Djawid C. Borower: "The Artist is Present" (2012); Gallery Andeas Binder: Björn Wallbaum "Erfolgsmodelle /Up and Down"; Bernd Zimmer - woodcuts from the series "Wood-Morror-Water" (2011); Tanit - Urs Lüthi "Lost Direction"; Jens Wolf: Untitled

Last preparations: Thomas Modern Gallery shows works by Simon Schubert

Artist & gallery owner at work: photographs by Arno Schidlowski at the Jo van de Loo Gallery

Sabine Knust Gallery shows Saul Fletcher's black and white photographs

Andreas Binder Gallery: Djavid C. Borower, until 19 October 2013

Karl Pfefferle Gallery: Bernd Zimmer: Alles fliesst. Works 2012 - 2013, until 2 November 2013

Max Weber Six Friedrich Gallery: Jens Wolf. New Works, until 20 September

Andreas Grimm Gallery: Björn Wallbaum. Werkstücke, until 17 October 2013

Galerie Micheko: Kizuna. Japanese female artists, until 16 November

Björn Wallbaum - Elite (2011) - AVAILABLE IN OUR SHOP

Micheko Gallery shows young Japanese female artists