Art by Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela - The Story of his Life in his own Pictures

While South Africa and the world celebrate the 95th birthday of Nelson Mandela, the former president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate remains at a Pretoria hospital, where he's been hospitalized since June 8 with a recurring lung infection.

It is not widely known that the freedom fighter was also active as an artist. Nelson Mandela’s series of works are fresh, bright, well drawn, iconic symbols of the struggle in South Africa and the triumph over the tyranny of the apartheid years. In 2002, he began a series of over 20 sketches with the subject Robben Island. He revisited the island, scene of some of his most painful years with its cruel repressive regime.

"Mandela’s drawings are fascinating, they reflect his longstanding fight and his victory over the apartheid. They are not only of high artistic quality, but also unique historic documents." says Karin Srb, founder and CEO of

Possibly the most interesting motif is 'The Window'. Asked about the strong orange and maroon colours in 'The Window', Mandela explained "That window, you know, was actually a window to the world, because I could see quite a lot. I could see my mental horizons expand".

We are with him in thought and we hope that Nelson Mandela will get well soon.

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Nelson Mandela. Guard Tower