Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin at DLD, thank you for introducing us this great artist !

Michael Craig-Martin is a visual artist well known for a wide range of work based on drawings of commonplace objects presented in exceptionally vivid colours.

Michael gave an inspiring and fascinating speech about his work and inspiration at yesterday's DLD conference in Munich. Michael's messages were very clear and straight to the point. We collected some of his most inspiring quotes for you:

- I use only object of that time -
- creativity is observation -
- the color has no reference to the object -
- color is emotion -
- since the 90's Michael draws directly into the computer - so there is no paper originals -
- the credit card p.e. has a bit of Donald Judd a bit of Rothko, a bit of Mondrian -
- the language of lines is limited -
- objects of that time -
- aesthetics has an impact -

At present he has an exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London titled Transience which traces, through his work of the past 35 years, the transition from the analogue to the digital age.