Leon Löwentraut

Leon Löwentraut: The new shooting star

Leon Löwentraut the new Art Shooting Star!

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Leon Löwentraut was born in Kaiserslautern on February 15, 1998 and now lives in Düsseldorf. Inspired by his mother, he has been painting since his sixth birthday.

Meanwhile, he is considered an insider tip in the art scene.
He describes his art as "expressive-abstract". He would like to give space to the collectors for their own interpretation. For him, to paint is the area in which he can relax. He likes to paint classical music at night. Then he can best sink in the picture and also usually stops only when the picture is finished. Sometimes it seems to him quite strange. That evening he will be in Basel in a luxury limousine and then go over the red carpet to the gallery Loeffel to open the vernissage. This procedure repeated in New York again an opening, again interviews, photographers who love his self-confident and sometimes extravagant appearances. And again buyers.

"This is already madness," says Leon Löwentraut. He sits in a cafe in Düsseldorf, surfs his cell phone on the sides of the Basel gallery. Almost as if he had to make sure that all this really happened. "To paint and to live from and for painting, that I have always wanted," says the 18-year-old: "I just really live my dream."

Especially since he graduated from the school in may and can now concentrate entirely on art. Leon Löwentraut calls his "Expressive Abstract" his style, and large formats are more important to him than small ones. He learned the painting from his mother, first experiments he had already done at the age of eight - and did not stop thereafter. "I do not like to talk about my feelings, but I can express myself on the screen," he says.

His colorful, wild style arrives. He used to feel about exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Munich and Hamburg. Last year, at the age of 17, he fulfilled a wish, which he himself said at the age of 13, "even if it sounds bizarre": its own exhibition in London. When he exhibited in Singapore in April, his paintings were sold out within two hours - at a price of several thousand euros.

So now Basel and New York. "For both exhibitions, I have painted almost all the time in the last few weeks," says Leon Löwentraut. "When I once started with a picture, I usually paint it directly - no matter how long it takes." The new pictures are no longer as colorful as in the past years - almost as if he had become older and a bit more mature with the school graduation.

And a second project is still working on him: an app with which he wants to reach all those who like his pictures. "A painter with an app, so far, I do not think so," he says confidently. He wants to show not only his latest pictures, but also live from the studio or from a vernissage stream. At the same time, he becomes his own round-the-clock gallery owner.

From time to time, says Leon Löwentraut, paintings are also to be auctioned among users of the app. At the end of December, a charity action takes place, in which the painter hopes for a decent revenue for a good cause. He does not lack self-confidence.