Hermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch: exhibition in the Villa Stuck

From February 5 until May 8 a large exhibition about Hermann Nitsch takes place in the „Villa Stuck“ in Munich. The famous artist provokes his audience with his activities in which blood, human bodies and animal carcasses go to action. His stagings move between art and theater and are equally successful and controversial.

Crucified men or people covered in intestines and blood: the 77 year old Nitsch loves the big settings. The artist was born in Vienna in 1938 and came to Munich at the end of the 1950s. While working at the technical museum he started to develop his painting performances and his idea of the „Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries.“ His activities increasingly led to conflicts with austrian law which caused him to settle in Germany at the end of the 1960s. Since 1971 his „orgies-mystery-games“ take place at his private castle „Prinzendorf“. Aside to his art and theater performances he is a composer and an author. Despite – or possibly because of – his polarizing impression Nitsch has become highly influencial within the austrian cultural scene.

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