Happy 85th Birthday Gerhard Richter!

For Gerhard Richters 85th Birthday our tipp to you

We’re offering you these two editions from the Flow series in 78.8 x 39.4 inches!
The artworks are the result of an observing and directed coincidence. Richter mixes different colors and leaves them for a while. The colors blend into one another and merge into a fantastic structure. By pressing a glass plate into the damp color, he fixates the current result. This interplay of random colors and it's dynamic plays a decisive role in these artworks.

Gerhard Richter develops certain shapes and details in a myriad of his artworks. Immerse yourself in them and be prepared to lose yourself in their colors. The following video shows a short tour of his art:


Gerhard Richter (*1932 in Dresden) is an exceptional talent in the German art scene. The artist's oeuvre is as multifaceted and dazzling as himself. Blurry copies of family portraits, overpainted photographs, abstract paintings, realistic depictions of nature, still lives, glass works, mirror objects – all that is “typical” Gerhard Richter; a progressive and interrelated development however is by no means visible.

The ease Richter employs while changing between these different styles and techniques while never losing his personal signature is phenomenal.

Gerhard Richter, Flow 15, 2016

Flow 15, 2013

Gerhard Richter, Flow 16, 2016

Flow 16, 2013