Streetart-artist Banksy is identified

Banksy is identified !!! 4th March 2016 18:40
with criminalistics methods.
Researchers think they have Banksy identified. The flowers launcher is one of the most famous subject of Banksy - here you can see a work, which was 2013 prepared for an auction.
(Photo: AP)
Banksy has fans worldwide. The critical works of street art artist are not only admired but also traded for a lot of money. Scientists now assert to know his identity. But the name is not a surprise.
Scientists at London's Queen Mary University found with the help of criminology methods, who is behind the famous street artist Banksy and published it in the journal "Journal of Spatial Science" study. They concluded that it's Robin Gunningham from Bristol. His name was brought up the first time in 2008 by the "Daily Mail".
For their research, the scientists used the "geographic profiling", a technique which employ criminologists for tracking down serial criminals, in resembling of 140 locations where Banksy's works in London and Bristol were suspected from. These places and also Berlin, New York, Gaza Striphad had in common that they had been visited by Gunningham .
Banksy is one of the greatest masters of street art. His often political graffiti could be worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Till now, the British artist keeps his identity secret behind the pseudonym. His most spectacular projects in the past year was Dismaland, an intentionally disturbing amusement park in southwest England resort Weston-super-Mare. But recently, he also criticized the refugee policy in Europe and in Calais.
With his Oscar-nominated pseudo documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" Banksy was seen in 2010 also at the Berlinale. At that time there was the speculation that the artist himself was present in Berlin. 2013 opened Banksy in New York a big fass - as for a month, he designed a new work, which his fans had to look for. Wright now Baksy is aktive in Gaza.