Andy Warhol

German owned Warhols went at Christie's New York last night for 151.5 million US dollars

Andy Warhol, New york

NEW YORK - The highly anticipated auction of two Warhol pictures of the German casino operator West game has surpassed their expectations . The two images , "Triple Elvis " and " Four Marlon " brought on Wednesday evening ( local time) at Christie's in New York 151.5 million US dollars ( 120 million euros ) . The dealer had estimated 120 million dollars.

Both images are about two meters high and about 1.70 meters wide. "Triple Elvis" from 1963 shows Elvis Presley three times in Westernpose from a movie . The auction went to a furious start progressing slowly , ultimately, the award came at 73 million dollars. The image cost with a premium for christie's 81,9 Million dollars.

" Four Marlon " is made ​​on the same principle , the screen printing shows four times Marlon Brando on a motorcycle with leather cap . It was sold for $ 62 million, the buyer has to pay with the premium $ 69.6 million. The buyer was not immediately known. But it was once a bitter on the phone and once a bitter in the room. The pictures were sold probably to two buyers .

The late 70s had the Elvisse 85 000 , the Brandos cost $ 100,000 . The sale of both images is highly controversial in North Rhine - Westphalia. Critics fear a foothold in the sale of state-owned art to plug budget holes. The images were acquired for jewelry Aachen casino. Last but they hung in the vault , because they were too valuable to the wall.

An auction record of 151,5 Million Dollars in New York for Warhol are the pictures but not . Five years ago, " Eight Elvis" sold for a whopping $ 100 million. And a year ago, " Silver Car Crash ( Double Disaster ) " the artist who died in 1987 for $ 105 million was auctioned .