Izima Kaoru

"Reika Hashimoto wears milk"

The Japanese photographer Izima Kaoru, who was born in Kyoto in 1954, since the late 70s shows his artistic work in numerous international exhibitions and museums. He became famous for his photo series "Landscape with a corpse", on which he worked between 1993-2008.
In "Landscapes with a Corpse" is a collection Kaoru Pictures Japanese film divas and models, as well as European actresses such as Barbara Rudnik or Helena Noguerra - picturesquely arranged in eternal youth and in robes of Prada, Gucci and Dior. The visual references of the artist range from traditional Japanese woodblock to Pop Art - the result is always of melancholic beauty and sadness.
"The idea to take pictures of the sun this way to document the way the sun came like a flash of thought."
In November 2009, Kaoru unveiled in Tokyo its series "One Sun", in which he is devoted to the theme of transience with a new approach. "The idea to take pictures of the sun this way to document the way the sun came like a flash of inspiration," says the artist. With a fish-eye lens and long exposure time Kaoru photographed the sun in its orbit from dawn to dusk. He shows how changes their arch according to the season and the place from which it is viewed. Although it is always the same, a sun.
Sun and death, and dying, are the motives of aesthetic images Kaoru. He celebrates the operations as stylish events with changing perspectives. "Neither the sun nor death can be viewed with steady eye," says Kaoru.
Izima Kaoru - Art Collections
Work of Izima Kaoru found in numerous public collections including the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg as well as in private collections such as the collection of Alison & Peter W. Klein, Eberl Ingen Nut village.
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Izima Kaoru
"Reika Hashimoto wears milk"
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