Harding Meyer

Ohne Titel (F25)

The central theme of the images Harding Meyer is the intensive and non-schematic examination of the picturesque representation of the human face. Indication of this intensive study are the subtle differences in the picturesque implementation of each subject. This converged unified, developed over weeks and months still images reveal their multi-layered in the double sense of origin in direct comparison. Originally, the faces that form the basis of most of painting pictures Harding Meyer, the media are removed. Catalogs and magazines, film and television form the pool from which avails itself of the painter. These initial images possess rarely an artistic Through education, they are rather anonymous mass-produced. From these images flood attacks Harding Meyer faces out - in itself a significant act of the face, over which more than any other part of the body gives the individuality of a person is transferred from the mass media usage back in a context of individual action.. You wear in this moment of decontextualization the traces of their medial origin, and may increase by how they are being held especially by Harding Meyer. The digital still cameras and analog video cameras, which he used to hold the moving image, enhance image characteristics of technical systems.

Harding Meyer
Ohne Titel (F25)
approx. 120 x 154 cm (convert to inch)
painting – Oil on canvas
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