Georg Baselitz

Big Night II (Remix) (6 verschiedene Farbausführungen)

Hans - Georg Kern was born in 1938 in German Baselitz , under the pseudonym of Georg Baselitz , he has from the 60s the art world and his paintings world literally turned upside gestellt.Georg Baselitz studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in East Berlin first , according to a reference because " social immaturity " he moved to West Berlin , where he continued his studies with Professor Hahn Trier . Thus, the analysis of the system and the GDR people found the desired image early in his work stattMit Beautiful Eugen Beck published Georg Baselitz Pandemoniac the manifesto , by both artists rebelled against established art movements. Baselitz showed his provocative behavior not only in East Germany : With his painting " The Great Night Down the Drain " sparked Georg Baselitz in 1963 a worldwide scandal that led to the seizure of the image. With his masturbating Hitler Youth Baselitz kicked the prudish and narrow-minded observer this time in front of the head .
Baselitz' images are characterized by strong colors and untidiness . Nevertheless, they are consistent in their composition . " German " means the artist always as a synonym for brutality . This Germanness he does in his work stylistically always visible . Especially in his wood sculpture shows the violent approach to the material .
End of the nineties processed Georg Baselitz with the cycle " Russian Paintings " the aesthetics of his youth . Baselitz paints Lenin and Stalin in his usual manner turned upside down and some images are interspersed with white circles of paint cans that stood during the painting process on the canvas .
Some time later, Georg Baselitz dares a new project , he painted new versions of his most famous images , which he titled " Remix " . Thus Georg Baselitz want to get even more out of them , make them contemporary . The review assesses the series as proof that the painter has become tired . It will be ductal will grow older faster . The density of its expression seems resistant to rise.
Georg Baselitz - Collections
The work of Georg Baselitz are represented in numerous public collections such as the Städel , Frankfurt , the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich and the Tate Gallery, London . Private collections as Essl Collection , Collection Ströher , Darmstadt , and the Fondation Beyerler , Basel have already purchased works by Baselitz .
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Georg Baselitz
Big Night II (Remix) (6 verschiedene Farbausführungen)
approx. 113,5 x 69,5 cm (convert to inch)
print – Woodcut (6 different colors)
6 (What is this?)
Handsigned and numbered, without frame
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