Ed Ruscha

Jet Baby

Because of his aesthetics, his love for printing methods and his interest in typography, Ed Ruscha has often been associated with Pop Art. The artist refused this and was promptly declared a conceptual artist. But again, not all of Ed Ruschas work would fit into the genre. Ed Ruscha works with too many different media, explores the relationship between word and image, media and perception in too many different ways and levels. In Ruscha 's "Baby Jet", a majestic mountain range rises in front of a artificial gradient-like heaven. The sundown shines it 's light on the rock and in front of that, the minimalist slogan "Baby Jet" is hovering in huge letters. There is no specific relationship between the words and the subject, but yet there is a strong associative cohesion between the elements. This cohesion, that is not made ​by the image, but by the observer, that is the central interest in Ed Ruscha 's work.

Ed Ruscha
Jet Baby
approx. 73 x 71 cm (convert to inch)
print – lithograph
50 (What is this?)
Ed.No. 43/50
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