Bert Löschner

The Dudes

Löschner liked the material of the stackable chairs; it took many experiments until he managed to transform them into new creations through thermoforming. Löschner went through 40 chairs in his experiments before he was able to create his first sculpture. It was impossible to work on the chairs with glue and it was the right technique that made the deformation possible. Now the artist creates fascinating and extraordinary objects from the formerly convenient but boring or even ugly everyday chairs.
What’s special about his sculptures is that they are always still recognizable as chairs. Yet Löschner positively brings them to life and makes them seem human by having them climb a tree, hug each other or hold an umbrella. He does not seem to run out of ideas.

Bert Löschner
The Dudes
2011 / 2013
approx. 76 x 110 x 56 cm (convert to inch)
object – transformed polypropylene chairs
3 (What is this?)
Ed.No. 2/3
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