The UNGUIDED ASSIDEO has its origin in Oberdorf, a small village in upstate Basel, where young furniture designer Oliver Rudin has his workshop. The asymmetrical base made from steel wire topped by a simple round wooden seat can be used either as a stool, a coffee table or a nightstand. For the UNGUIDED EDITION, the wooden seats were given to visual artists to create unique and individual items. The artists had complete creative freedom.


Andrea Kamm

Andrea Kamm is a young artist and illustrator from Basel. In her work, she constantly explores new techniques and styles. This Assideo was created using a technique normally used for printing silk. Andrea Kamm lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

Anthony Bertschi / Christian Robles

Anthony Bertschi is an independent art director living and working in Basel. Contrary to most of today's art directors, he still draws most of his work freehand before creating its digital counterpart.

Christian Robles is a street artist living and working in Basel. His work combines diverse media and techniques and has been displayed in different galleries and shows in Basel and Zurich. Bertschi and Robles have put through several projects together in a loose cooperation.



digitalwerkstatt is a young company in Basel dedicated to Rapid Prototyping, 3D-Print and Lasercutting. The first company in town to provide complete services in these areas, they have made a first step to create a new way of converting ideas into real 3D objects.

This Assideo was created using advanced lasercutting technology. It shows an older model of a CNC shaper.


Jana Kalbermatter

Jana Kalbermatter is a young designer from Switzerland who just recently graduated from l’Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais last year. Before that, she spent 6 month at an intership in the Netherlands due to her interset in dutch design. Jana contributed two different Assideos to the UNGUIDED EDITION. One piece symbolizes her young life through wooden growth rings. The other piece tackles the relation between repetitive processes and momentum..


Sarah Majerus

Born in Luxembourg, Sarah Majerus lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Her work reflects the multitude of points of view that surrounds us, especially in the cities. The recurring theme of her research is perception, which is not one, but plural; individual, and changing. It multiplies and divides itself; it breaks and

builds. Since graduating from L'École de la Cambre in Brussels, earning a Masters Degree in Visual Arts – Painting, Sarah has partaken in numerous exhibitions and residencies.


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