Thomas Locher - Biography

"The mythical character of goods does not lie in its practical value”.  This sentence is from Karl Marx's “Das Kapital”, describes the fetish character of consumer goods, one of the main pillars of consumer society. The artist Thomas Locher wrote this sentence on a canvas in more than two meters wide letters and he wrote it in English, the language of international commerce. Pink and light blue streaks that look like they come from a paint bomb cover the font.

"With its words, digits and texts, his work revolves around speech and communication, it has been centred around this since the 1980s." Thomas Locher

Born in Munderkingen, in the Swabian part of Germany, the artist is considered as one of the first conceptual artists. Systems or hierarchy and power are what interest the 1956-born Locher about conceptual art.

He analyses the authority of legal texts and shows, with his perfectionist layouts composed from writing, photography and coloured panels together how much our perception of the world and our thinking is shaped by a terminology. “With language and talking you can manipulate, denounce and lie”, says Locher “but you can also say wonderful things.”

His space-consuming textual works, abstract digit pictures and installations have been seminal for the neo-conceptual art in the late 80s and early 90s.

Thomas Locher - Exhibitions

Thomas Locher's work is represented in many well-known museums and collections such as the Museum d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona or the collection Schürmann in Berlin.

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