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High heels and handbags, car tyres and rockets: Since the beginning of her career, which in the meanwhile has become international, Sylvie Fleury has always been interested in insignias of power and seduction. Sylvie Fleury’s choice of object tapers the relationship of status and erotic appeal. Resident in Geneva, the artist became famous in the early 90s through an installation comprising of different bags of luxury labels, simply placed as if the door had just been closed. She still modifies this arrangement of chic shopping-bags up till today.

“Does changing your breasts change your life?”

Fleury’s complete works cross elements of pop art and conceptual art, whereby the conceptual art is more determining; more precisely like the idea, which Marcel Duchamp established with his Ready-mades. An object of the world of products is transferred into the museum, and solely through this change of location becomes art. Admittedly: contrary to the inventor of conceptual art, Sylvie Fleury changes her selected consumer item. She gilds them, inflates them into a monstrous state or ironises them through her manner of staging: a golden shopping trolley or a car tyre is thus presented on a shiny pedestal.


For many years Sylvie Fleury, who in 1993 already exhibited at the 45th Biennale di Venezia, has regularly been represented at international galleries and exhibition houses. Her installations pose questions about the cultural self-understanding of Western society: Like how our consumption influences our identity, how does the world of products awaken our desire und how it controls our imagination of beauty and attractiveness. To some extent such deliberations can also directly be found in the titles of the works or as letterings in the pictures, like “Does changing your breasts change your life?”.

At the start of the 90s Sylvie, who by the way is a self-identified “fashion victim”, expanded her personal choice of fetish objects around her art: She thus imitated popular pictures of Piet Mondrian and placed fur implants at the spots of the red, yellow and blue colour fields. Here Sylvie Fleury transfers the promises of the world of products into the sphere of art; alternatively she also presents art under the signs of a status symbol or a fetish object.

Sylvie Fleury - Exhibitions

Works of Sylvie Fleury are in many public collections, among which are MoMA New York, the ZKM Karlsruhe, as well as the Migros Museum Zurich.

Private collections such as Daimler Contemporary Berlin, the Sammlung Ringier, the Sammlung Ulrich Reininghaus and the FER Collection also have works of the artist.


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Milkshake- Powder Strawberry

Sylvie Fleury - Milkshake- Powder Strawberry

Gucci Handcuffs, 2001-02 - AVAILABLE IN THE SHOP

Sylvie Fleury - Gucci Handcuffs, 2001-02

"Serie ELA 75/K (Go Pout)", 2000
Collection Sylvie Fleury

Sylvie Fleury - \

Sylvie Fleury

Sylvie Fleury