Puala Vincenti Biography

Paula Vincenti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but has lived and worked in Marbella, Spain for many years. She was always fascinated by the reflections of the water and in the mirror. Sometimes as a protagonist and sometimes as a voyeur, it shows us a special and autobiographical world where characters appear in the canvas with an almost photographic vision. The work of Vincenti is born of a reflection of oneself or of her experiences.

Through a delicate composition she opens the doors to a particular universe, which is "woven" with papier mâché, recycled cardboard and Chinese ink, which speaks of "short-lived moments" and confronts emotions - in the search for the inconceivable.

My Work of Art, transfer your mind to a particular world of trim ideas, dresses and changeable paper clothes. Paintings full of messages and intentions, that shows a sediment not childish at all. Scenes were what is “represented” and real life, play a game of mixing present moments and memories.
Irony and bitter sweetness, under an innocent appearance, with a clear intention of reaching all public and not only the professional connoisseur.
Highlights in the treatment of images as an advertisement, with a critic to the consumer society and a strong call for the important role of women now a days. Paula Vincenti

But since Vincenti is so versatile, she has begun to explore new forms of expression by creating Stellata, an innovative brand of exclusive T-shirts painted by hand. There she lets her imagination fly: shapes of stars, pin-pegs, hearts with a touch of glitter and everything that goes through the imagination. Her studio in Guadalmina is a place full of light where she relaxes, invents and everything her hands touches is transformed into a touch of "chic vintage" and casual style.
Paula Vincenti has done numerous solo and group exhibitions during her long career. Malaga, Murcia, Madrid, Seville, Badajoz, Cordoba, Alicante and in 2000 in New York.