Maurizio Cattelan - Biography

Sometimes there are stuffed animals - a horse puts his head into the wall - sometimes there are lifelike dummies of people - Hitler kneeling and small with hands folded in prayer. The Italian installation-artist Maurizio Cattelan, born in 1960 in Padoa, mostly produces his sculptures with great effect. His best known work is probably "La Nona Ora" (The Ninth Hour) by 1999 - an illustration of Pope John Paul II, who was struck by a meteorite. The title refers to the ninth hour when the crucified Jesus calls for his father. Crowds of faithful Poles stormed outraged into the exhibition and tried to release their famous compatriot in wax of the stone. Two years later, the scandal plastic brought at a New York-Christie's auction one million dollars.

"I prefer to get attacked rather than to be ignored."

It corresponds Cattelan’s artistic principle: "I prefer to get attacked rather than to be ignored", he says. The humorous side of the artist leaves it open whether he is serious or not - with his statements, his works and his viewers. Cattelan is a cynic, an exciting. Since the late 80s he caricatured the art world and the flow of conceptual art.He fixed his gallerist on the wall with tape until he was brought injured to the hospital. Another gallerist was six weeks a pink penis costume donned by him.In his work Cattelan wants to move between "softness and perversity". Often his works have something comic-like. They tell of tragedy and comedy - sometimes in a cruel und ugly manner.

Maurizio Cattelan - art collections

Works by Maurizio Cattelan are represented in numerous public collections - including the Migros Museum, Zurich and the MAMbo, Bologna. Private collectors like Charles Saatchi, Francois Pinault and Roman Abramowitsch have bought works by Cattelan.


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"Novecento", 1997

Maurizio Cattelan: Novecento, 1997

"La Nona Ora", 1999

Maurizio Cattelan: La Nona Ora, 1999
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