Julia Jacquette - Biography

Julia Jacquette knows how seductive advertisements can be and uses that knowledge for her works. In her hyperrealistic paintings she focuses on images of consumption with all their polished gloss and glamour. She finds her templates on the internet, TV, in films and mostly in magazine advertisements. Just like the ads she distorts, her paintings have an alluring effect, paired with a touch of uneasiness that is evoked when we realize the strong impact those images have on us. In her works Jacquette creates a new reality, an illusion that confirms, but at the same time critically rejects the depicted perfection. The tempting cocktails glow in warm colours, the hair is perfectly styled and the private jets are shiny. Jacquette creates the hyperrealistic gloss of these emblems of consumption in thematic series.

Julia Jacquette uses advertisements in glossy magazines for her hyperrealistic paintings

For the “Projects 69” the artist created for the Museum of Modern Art (New York, 2000),   Jacquette designed a series of paper products, such as plates, mugs and napkins, emblazoned with her images and ambiguous messages. These items were used in the museum café to trigger different reactions from the visitors. The implied associations range from sex, food to scents and epitomize the flooding with all the kinds of desires that advertisements arouse in us.


Jacquette graduated with an MFA from the Hunter College (NY) in 1992 and has been exhibiting in the USA and Europe since the 1990s. A retrospective of her previous work was held at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at the Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs (NY) in 2004.

Julia Jacquette - art collections

Jaquette's works are part of the collections of renowned institutions, among them the MoMA, New York; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD Museum), Providence.


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"Bourbon, Straight", 2009

Julia Jacquette: Bourbon, Straight, 2009

Julia Jacquette

Julia Jacquette

"Pearl Necklace," 2010

Julia Jacquette: Pearl Necklace, 2010

Brunette, Curls, Purple Blouse, 2009, Photo Jean Vong

Julia Jacquette: Brunette, Curls, Purple Blouse, 2009, Photo Jean Vong