Johnny Koch Biography

The German artist Johnny Koch, who studied at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich, plays with all the signs, colors, and meanings. He highlights: concepts, text fragments, geometric shapes and three-dimensional letters. A complex narrative emerges in this way, a space of meaning that manages without many words and blurs the boundaries between literature and visual art

Koch's painted engine hoods are particularly unusual. "I'm bringing back items that are already devastated and have a story," he says. The artist gives them a second use. He buys the old engine hoods from the scrap yard and processes them. This also shifts the focus of the hoods: they should normally be scratch-free and clean. Koch does the exact opposite: he varnishes the hoods, scratches them with a grinding machine or glues them with special letters. Koch tries to find unspoken things and words of everyday life. He explains that many impressions are absorbed subconsciously in everyday life. These impressions exist, but are lost in the memory of every human being. "We absorb so much that we can not arrange it," says Koch. It reveals the sensations covered by everyday life, makes the unconscious conscious


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Johnny Koch - moi moi moi

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Johnny Koch - Showtime