Johannes Weinsheimer - Biography

The artist Johannes Weinsheimer was born in Berlin and has been living and working in Munich for the last years.

In his pieces the artist focuses on large-format photographies of urban moments and sceneries. He creates his art mostly on his journeys to he world´s metropolises. Whether it is in Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, New York or Miami: through the artistic abstraction of colours and shapes he combines urban realism with a harmonic, emotional ease.

„I perceive my environment mostly through colours. The reality blurs into abstract, soft shapes that merge into one another. Objects partly lose their significance and an image of soft shapes with clear and intensive colours is created in my mind. For those who look at my work I want to transfer this feeling of relaxation and ease.“

Weinsheimer´s love for art was passed on to him from when he was a little child. In a family of artists he was exposed to art from an early age on and hence he committed a lot of his time to the art of painting. At the HDK in Berlin he followed his interest in his design studies. For more than ten years Weinsheimer has been living and working as a photographer in Munich. During the last years his signed and limited pieces have inspired and attracted an increasing number of viewers.


Johannes Weinsheimer

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