Han Schuil - Biography

They seem like abstractions, the works of Han Schuil born in 1958 in Voorschoten inThe Netherlands. At the same time they are deep observations of daily life. Serving as references for the artist are random coincidental photography: a building site, a house or a Batman mask hanging on the door of a toilet. Schuil transforms his original pictures into paintings and wall drawings with colourful intensity. He always demands his viewers to pause, to stand still and to hold on.

"He bends, dents and perforates his aluminium surface."

Schuil works slowly. Step by step he frees himself from the original till his reflections begin to awake in its own form and aesthetic.Thereby the artist also breaks dimensional borders: he bends, dents and perforates his aluminium surface. Just like a sculptor he processes the material and crucially works on the surface once again with a paint application.In this way Schuil’s works project into the room, decisive and yet sensitive, quite far from its original and nevertheless inseparably bound to it.


What role does painting play in our lives? It is its whole history that Schuil wants to re-narrate through his pictures. The deceleration of our time, the stopping of considerations and thoughts have become the constant purpose of the artist.


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Untiteled 1, 2010 - AVAILABLE IN THE SHOP

Han Schuil: Untitled 1, 2010

Untiteled 4, 2010 - AVAILABLE IN THE SHOP

Han Schuil: Untitled 4, 2010