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A rubber head of Bart Simpson followed by a series of cups with modeled breasts: "Pop Art 1-2" Haim Steinbach called this curious arrangement. The Israeli-born artist works with everyday objects: "People talk about their objects; this is a system of values and identity. The things are self-portraits and they give the feeling of security. In this way they have a religious significance" says Haim Steinbach. In his installation "North, East, South, West" for example can be found the relics of a typical vacation trip, clams or two dried roses that have been raised by a gold-framed glass box into the vanity stand.

"I try to show that things can be sought and used on more than one way."

Usually these things transform into enigmatic still life: two shell-shaped teapots between vases and porcelain doses, along with a broad book spine, a picture book of Paul Klee and nearby a smaller, zebra striped elephant. The artist provides the original ambience of such arrangements as video recording, referring to the former location and context of the objects. In the videos people tell of their relationship to objects where they come from and why they are still in their possession.


Steinbach's installations deal with the relationship between people and their objects. In addition, it involves the question of how to create things cultural and social identities, but also affiliations. "I try to show that things can be sought and used on more than one way," says the artist. In the 70ies he began to work with everyday objects which he bought at flea markets.

Haim Steinbach - art exhibitions

In 1987 Haim Steinbach has been at Documenta 8 in Kassel and was presented in the past few years in many international museums including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. The choice of objects he uses in his installations ranges from found objects from nature on everyday objects to ethnological objects. Among these are products from different cultures even Chinese and Korean ceramics. Things are presented in different arrangements - partly on wall boards, some in room-height, freestanding shelves. The arrangement of the objects is as idiosyncratic as it is fascinating.

Haim Steinbach - art collections

Haim Steinbach's work is in numerous public collections including the Guggenheim Collection, New York and the Tate Collection, London.


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"Ambassade d'Auvergne", 2007

Haim Steinbach: Ambassade d\'Auvergne, 2007

Haim Steinbach

Haim Steinbach