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Francesca Gabbiani’s (*1965 in Montreal, Canada) luminous and cinematic works on paper are depictions of fiery landscapes and decadent interiors that create scenes that are dreamy and dangerous, sinister and disarming. Her current work explores memories that are frozen in time and space, creating brilliant moments of intensity. The idea of memory lies at the core of Gabbiani’s investigation. She is interested in creating a space that feels familiar yet uncanny; as though the viewer is visiting a new place he or she has already seen.


Gabbiani’s landscapes portray billowing fires and blowing leaves. The colors are vibrant and charged with energy as nature is set in motion. Intricate borders surround the images like elegant frames, capturing the moment of a forest fire or windstorm. The artist works skillfully with the interplay between light and shadow, an interest that is also apparent in her detailed interiors, which appear to be candlelit.


Her working methods are quite complex as layers of paper are intricately cut out and collaged on top of one another. These layers create a depth and perspective that is both painterly and sculptural. Gabbiani directs the material, colored paper, to have dramatic effects.


Born in Canada to an Italian father and a French mother, Gabbiani grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, where she studied art. She also earned her the University of California Los Angeles. Gabbiani is married to Edward “Eddie” Ruscha, Jr., Ed Ruscha’s son. She lives and works in Los Angeles.


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