Christine Jaksch - Biography

Christine Jaksch born in Rosenheim, Germany. She found her love in art in her early childhood, and is already known för her impressive colour combination. Now living in Munich, she shows a interesting collection of her abstract acryl paintings. Specially known for her impressive and individual kind of painting, which colourful artworks withdraw every superficial meaning.

If the visions take shape, a combination of her sensitive perception, spontaneity and experimental joy arises.

In her artworks she is succeeding, in a fascinating way, to represent sensitive expressions, with a expressive intensity of colour and shaping.

The observer is looking into a world full of profound meanings and can enjoy the creativity in a completely different way. Her artworks were sold around art fairs and gallerys ( national and international.) Since 2013 she is involved in the international project " Women in art" of the fine art enterprice represented, about this project already some collector and art lovers were attentive about her works.


A.R. Penck

Christine Jaksch

"Energiefeld Auge", 1994