Christian Gieraths - Biografie

Christian Gieraths was born in 1976 in Cologne, Germany. He is a student of Thomas Ruff and Ulrich Erben


His series "Pastime Paradise", 2006 - 2015 evoke "in an excerpt-like pieces the paradise of past times and brace it with the now the present".


The shiny surfaces, the reflection of light, rich and varied reflection effects and materiality play the essential role in the still-life series "All American Favorites", 2016. The table arrangements of individual elements in American restaurants (ketchup bottles or salt shaker) symbolize the American way of life, in an aesthetic way.

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"Ohne Titel", 2016

Ohne Titel von Christian Gieraths

"Ketchup", 2016

Ketchup von Christian Gieraths