Birgit Kuss - Biography

Born in (South Tyrol) attended art school in Val Gardena and trained at the "Accademia delle belle arti" in Florence. Birgit Kuss's first exhibition was 1994 Ischgl - followed by many acclaimed exhibitions in Seefeld and Kaltern (1995), the Congress Innsbruck and Ambras Castle (1996), in Sterzing, Lana and Brixen (1997), in St. Tropez (2001), The works from the creative period in Munich was brought closer to the public in Austria and South Tyrol by exhibitions in the gallery "Forum" in the Savings Bank gallery in Schwaz and some other exhibitions. Exhibition in Milan in the restaurant Roberto Cavalli (2006). Exhibition in the Sparkassen-gallery Brunico (2009). Exhibition in Jenbach (May 2010) Currently works and lives, the artist in Hall in Tirol.

Artistic engagement

In art everyday ideas and innovations meeting each other over and over and taking turns. So also with Birgit kiss. You can look back on different creative periods and draws from the archaic Urkraft ancient cultures, which she implement it her works. What essential is that the artist does not follow a time-bound trend. All strive for excellence is subject and causes the painting from Birgit Kuss to temporal realities. As tireless viewer, a rarely satisfied and internally seekers Birgit Kuss has entered a new period of creativity. The only constant of the artist the gold color! Gold is a symbol of wealth in the material and the spiritual spiritual life. Figuratively Gold stands for inner richness of the soul. In a color composition, gold can't be integrated or combined, it always seems isolated, it forces itself into the foreground and dominates the other colors. The golden colour standing out in front of the other colors. This exaltation above the other colors gives it a uniquess.


  • 1994 in Ischgl
  • 1995 in Seefeld & Kaltern
  • 1996 in the Kongress Innsbruck & Schloss Ambras
  • 1997 in Sternzig, Lana & Brixen
  • 2001 in St. Tropez
  • 2006 in the Restaurant Roberto Cavalli, Mailand
  • 2009 in the Sparkasse-Galerie Bruneck
  • 2010 in Jenbach