Andy Warhol

Female Head, hand and flower

In the 60s, the pop-art artist drew on his successful training as agraphic designer to create his artistic work from the then availablemedia. Andy Warhol painted, drew, photographed, filmed, directed, produced music, and made publications. Andy Warhol used the then relatively new mode of production called screen-printing to reproduce photographs from Life Magazine, postage stamps, and autographs. Andy Warhol's factory had become a true art factory in that many people became involved in the production of the works. They were even made to order on assembly lines to be able to meet the demand for genuine Warhols that had been growing since the mid-60s, at the latest; the works from this dream factory had become virtually fetishized. At the same time, Andy Warhol's work laid bare the mechanisms of popular culture and media. Through their seriality and bright, colorful, sometimes very lax execution, his works are able to draw attention away from the subject matter and back to the style of the artwork, highlighting especially its manipulative character.

Andy Warhol
Female Head, hand and flower
approx. 45 x 33 cm (convert to inch)
drawing – ink on Paper
UNIQUE (What is this?)
Framed in museum-glass 67x55cm, Certified, Authorized and Stamped by the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts
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€ 42.000,00* inc. tax

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