Dimitrios Antonitsis


First victim of a legendary 60's serial killer as a metaphor for the present economical
Dimitrios Antonitsis was born on 13 Septemeber 1966 in Athens, Greece. Antonitsis' artwork is known for its provocative undertone and its critically glamorous quality. He criticizes social conventions of decorum and political hypocrisy, while focusing on the aesthetical statement of the work itself.
Dimitrios Antonitsis lives and works on the island of Hydra, Greece and in New York.
Hydra School Projects were established in 2000 by Greek artist and curator Dimitrios Antonitsis and are based on the island of Hydra, Greece
Artist's Statement
To me, my art is very simple, yet very difficult in a sense. My work starts from a simple idea, but the key is that it must have struck me. My head is like a keyhole where only certain keys will fit in. Those certain keys are particular images that have those certain criterias to open those locks to energies. Noticeable is my dot pattern. I call them Power Dots. When you stand in front of them, I feel the power transcend out of them. They are not merely dots placed on a flat. They are always placed in the same fashion. There is a pattern. I am just imagining how different it would be to do squares, to me that is awfull. So closed up, 4 corners. no way out. Locked in. In contrast the dots or circles are a free movement, joyous. My images are simple and almost iconical, I hardly use light/shading techniques on paintings, I am not into 3d or close to realism stuff. I mentioned iconal. My works have to be instantly seen of as what they are. This is where my simplicity and difficulty challenge comes in. How to get this all together so it fits in the keyhole to unlock.....
My art career really started out from a very young age. My dad was a tinkerer (and still is) and was always his studio help holding a piece of bronze he was welding or soldering, making stuff in plaster, experimenting with molds etc. I have always been interested in graphic images that strike me. For instance my brother once made a huge wall covering for a nightclub, it was the very well known face of Marilyn Monroe a la Warhol style. Just being involved in it, it felt like a bold movement. That energy is always present when I am painting. In high school I was asked by many to paint on their jeans jackets and pants. Before I knew, I started making good money by painting with a brush, with textile paint, commissioned works. So, I have been artistically busy from a very young age.
We take life and simple things for granted. I put them in perspective and in the spotlight. It has a deeper meaning. -Dimitrios

Dimitrios Antonitsis
approx. 465 x 310 cm (convert to inch)
print – digital print on aluminium foil
UNIQUE (What is this?)
signed on the back
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