Damien Hirst

Beautiful Exploding Spinning Spiral Painting

Damien Hirst, enfant terrible of the British art scene and renowned for his characteristic irony, plays in this painting with an old gadget of the entertainment industry - but in a way that is not typical for postmodernism as it is anachronistic in having its origin in popular fairs of the 1960s. Then it was a mostly childish pleasure to apply colour onto automatically rotating canvases. The absolutely not reproducible result depended on the torsional moment and the caprice of the instant with all involved factors. Hirst (born in 1965 in Bristol) inverts with this homage to coincidence and the merely mechanical creativity of machines any rising genius cult. By signing of a work that is influenced by his authorship in an apparently very indirect way Hirst elevates himself above the inflationary art market and in the same instant immerges in it as a conniver.

Damien Hirst
Beautiful Exploding Spinning Spiral Painting
approx. 7.01 x 5.04 in (convert to cm)
painting – Acrylic Paint on cardboard
UNIQUE (What is this?)
Signed on the back with pencil

unframed, we are happy to organize framing on request
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